Startup Projects

Boulder Bits combines the best scalable ideas with incredible and experienced teams. We implement rigorous metrics to discern the best projects to carry forward. Let us know if you’re interested in learning more by filling out our form down below. Here’s a list of our upcoming project opportunities:

EPIC Calendar

Throw away your calendar – we’re a life hack! The best calendars today still follow the principles of paper and pen day planners. Just ask EPIC to setup a time for you and your guests, and you’re done. When your guests accept the tentative invite, EPIC finds a time that works for everyone without anyone looking at their calendar. If someone double-books – because they didn’t use EPIC – everyone gets automatically rebooked. No fuss.


We are interested in helping people tell their stories.  We are creating a tool that will be the fastest way to create and share their story through video templates. We offer a semi-automatic video enhancer with a smart video editor that will help you create a professional, polished and sophisticated end product.


Ever go shopping with friends and request their opinions on products? With TacTac (Those are cute Or Those are cool) you can ask your friends virtually. Tactac’s app allows you to gather a “collection” from an online store and ask friends which products you should buy. With TacTac, you’ll get quick feedback that you can trust.


Let us Know You’re Interested

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