Back in November of 2015 I was looking for an internship for the end of the coming spring semester. I interviewed for three different companies in one day! One of those companies happened to be Boulder Bits. At the time they were working out of Galvanize. I came in and we sat down in the “Ember” conference room for the interview. About 10 minutes or so into the interview Jesse asked me what my super power is. I have never been asked this question before and wasn’t sure how to answer, so mistakenly I said that if I had a super power it would be to fly. He smiled and then told me what he actually meant by asking me that, the question was more like, what am I best at/what can I do really well? Once I gave the better answer to his question he then asked what my kryptonite is, by this time I caught on to what he was getting at, thank god because I didn’t want to sound like a fool. – what is your superpower/kryptonite..?


I have really held on to these two questions because they are representative of the values for Boulder Bits. Jesse told me why he had asked me those questions after I answered him, he said, “It’s important for us to know these things about each other so that we can better work together and level each other up. We can help each other work through our kryptonite while also helping each other with our superpowers because your super power may be my kryptonite.”


I realized later as I began working for Boulder Bits how serious Jesse was about leveling each other up and supporting each other as a team and how important this was to him. He soon became my mentor and I began to understand more and more what the heart of Boulder Bits really is. At the heart of Boulder Bits there are four main values, People Empowerment, Trust and Transparency, Creative Genius, and Regional Benefit. Every day in some way I feel like I could point out an example of at least one of these values. I have never worked in a place where I felt like such an important member of a team especially as “just an intern”. I feel like I’m valued immensely and that what I have to contribute to our goals is important.


As Boulder Bits spins up more companies and adds on team members the family grows. Boulder Bits is growing an amazing network of mentors c-suite members, and talented individuals. With this environment of amazing people there is a huge wealth of knowledge across so many levels. This type of environment opens up great opportunities to learn from each other and to share ideas and collaborate. This is another reason why I believe I got lucky working for Boulder Bits. As an intern there are a lot of chances for me to learn and to network, it’s more experience than I could’ve ever dreamed of having at 20 years old.


I look forward to coming to work at Boulder Bits every day. I have never held a job that I felt this way about, I am very passionate about Boulder Bits and what I can do to help it grow. I’ve never been this supported and empowered to share my ideas and creativity. Jesse and Sarah have always told me that if there are any opportunities or ways for me to gain more experience and learn something that they would help facilitate that. I’m so lucky to have found them and to work at Boulder Bits. I have learned and been able to try so many things here, I am so thankful. So, all in all this is why I love working for Boulder Bits.

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