Boulder Bits is passionate about collaborating with the community, developing ideas with entrepreneurs, and investing in the the next great startup. We host events such as PlaySpace, as well as, monthly meet up type events. Some of our events are curated and others are open to anyone.  Our curated PlaySpace event is an opportunity for teams to work through an idea from concept to pitch.  Open events are for networking, guest speakers, and presenting pre-validated ideas.

Boulder Startup Week 2017

Boulder Bits Founder and CEO Jesse Lawrence is scheduled to speak at the 8th annual Boulder Startup Week. BSW is an event centered around celebrating the unique startup-friendly culture of Boulder, Colorado. Throughout the five days, events will include networking, community-building, and expert panels. If you are interested in signing up for Jesse’s panel, you can find the information here.

Please check back for a post-event recap and photographs.

If you are interested in downloading a copy of Jesse’s slides from the event, you may do so here.

The PlaySpace

The PlaySpace is a workshop event for entrepreneurs to come and “play” with project ideas. The concept is meant to be a fun way for entrepreneurs to roll up their sleeves and collaborate on a validated idea.

These workshops curate the c-suite executives (CEO,CTO,CSO), mentors, and industry professionals. The day consists of hacking a pre-validated idea that has a defined customer and market size. The team will identify the value, and develop the roadmap to launch the product.

Our agenda consists of “team sprints” laying out the objectives and resources for the day. Reviewing  1.) The Product   2.)The Market   3.) The Customer   4.) The Competitors 5.) The Value Proposition 6.) Channels. At the end of the day there is a final Pitch, where the team presents the problem/solution with a rollout strategy. The team then debriefs about the experience, the team, the product, and ways to implement the idea. If the team gels, and the project is identified as a viable company we continue into formation and launch. If you are interested in participating, join our newsletter to find out about the next opportunity.


The Boulder Bits PlaySpace provided an opportunity to experience first hand how my now-co-founders approach problems, talk through ideas and work with other people on the team. It was exciting to see how much we could get done in one day and set the precedence for how we work together today as co-founders of Cubspot.” -Brooke Cheishvili

PlaySpace is a whole new twist on the traditional interview process. I found it intellectually challenging, thought provoking and highly rewarding. For our founding team, we’re off with a faster start as a result.” -Mark Healey

The Boulder Bits PlaySpace provides a fresh way to engage a business problem and interact with a group of potential  co-workers. In an eight hour session broken into sprints we met our team members; learned about the business proposition; scoped out potential solutions; devised a proposal and presented it to a group of potential advisors, partners, and investors.The rapid pace and dense content that is baked into this approach reveals a unique set of insights on individual and team dynamics that can otherwise take weeks, months or years to discover. As a team building exercise, the PlaySpace is the best eight hours I have spent as an entrepreneur.” -Steve Juntunen

Recent Events

Most Likely To Succeed Film Screening Event 2/6/2017

Boulder Bits strives to benefit Boulder in any way that we can. A part of this mission is sponsoring events and organizations that align with our values and goals. On February 6th we participated in an exciting film screening and innovation lab event for the award winning film, Most Likely To Succeed. We co-sponsored this event with Cubspot, Boulder Valley School District-Lifelong Learning, Camp INC., Maker Bolder, Sitter, Science Galaxy, Alfalfa’s, Bobo Oat Bars, and Justin’s. The night was a huge hit benefitting kid’s STEM education and inspiring children to reach their academic goals. We’d like to thank our co-sponsors and our guests for making this an exciting night.

Most Likely to Succeed FilmMost Likely To Succeed film

Most Likely To Succeed film

PlaySpace 3/18/16

The inaugural PlaySpace was a resounding success! The team worked through the Cubspot project. They surged through the 6 team sprints with stamina, and arrived at an impressive pitch and rollout strategy – all in ONE day! Thank you to everyone who participated in making this an extraordinary day.


PlaySpace    PlaySpace