Kids with Marshmallows

The Kindergarten Co-Founder

What does the name “PlaySpace” mean to you? An artist may envision a studio filled with paints, a kiln or a block of stone and a few chisels. A child may imagine a giant pit filled with foam blocks and marshmallows. I envision a place where entrepreneurs assemble imaginary building blocks to create startups. To me, a “PlaySpace” is a beautiful thing. It’s the workbench, where a masterpiece is transformed from a naturally rough gem of an idea into a rough-cut business. It’s a place where entrepreneurs go to find their flow –…

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Trust and Transparency

Jumpstarting Play with Trust

Most people wouldn’t associate the word “play” with “trust”. At Boulder BITS we do, and here is why. Lack of trust changes human behavior completely. One of the reasons kids can play so well with others is an inherent trust they possess. As soon as that trust is lost, the play stops. If you don’t trust the other people around you, it is very hard to play openly with them. For good entrepreneurs, innovative work is play. So, lack of trust…

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