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Boulder Bits provides pre-revenue funding to our startups, but are always looking for Angels who understand the value in technology and investing in early-stage companies.

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One of the most important drivers to a successful startup is a great team. Boulder Bits is always looking for amazing talent to advance projects and ideas into flourishing businesses.


Boulder Bits spins up four startup projects per year offering serial entrepreneurs opportunities to build multiple great companies. If you’re interested in leading a successful business, let’s connect!





What is Boulder Bits?

Boulder Bits identifies problems, creates solutions, validates each solution as a business model, assembles teams around the best businesses, and supports those teams. We focus on improving the human experience through building innovative software and hardware solutions. As a startup studio we spin up and spin off scalable tech startups. The biggest challenge is curating teams with the right skillset, mindset and motivations. Boulder Bits is different from a startup incubator or accelerator. We build our startups on the right tracks rather than helping them jump tracks. Our first founded companies aim to improve earthquake safety, digital security, and challenges of modern parenting.

Values and Culture


People come first, always. Our goal is to help people reach their professional goals. We aim to support every member of our corporate family by helping each other "level up". With this comes positive ownership mentality. When we take pride and ownership of our roles, we are happier and achieve more.


Honesty and sharing empower teams to achieve more. By creating transparent practices, everyone can take pride and ownership in their role. Some of our objectives are to check our egos at the door, have cross-team collaboration, and to create smaller teams in order to foster growth.


Creativity is the source of innovation. Necessity fuels our creativity to solve real problems for real people. We encourage play to promote creative collaboration. We insist on open communication to boost collective genius and the free flow of ideas because everyone's ideas matter and we're all creative in our own ways.


Boulder is an amazing professional ecosystem. We aim to help foster the best aspects of the Boulder (and surrounding) community. We strive to hire awesome local talent, and recruit great talent into Boulder. Our goals are also to improve diversity in Boulder's technology community.